Full notes for the patch update for May 17, 2017 brought us one notable tradeskill change:

*** Tradeskills ***
- Non-Progression servers can now create Imbued Black Sapphire Silver Necklaces.

This fix has been years in the making, however its important to understand that if you go looking in your jewelcraft table for this item you'll be disappointed without a little effort.  The imbued black sapphire lines learn as abbreviated versions of themselves as follows, so searching on "imbued bl" will take you right to them!

  • Imbued Blk Sapphire Slvr Necklace
  • Imbued Blk Sapphire Elec Earring
  • Imbued Blk Sapphire Plat Necklace

Per recent conversations with Ngreth in regards to getting some tradeskill fixes slotted in, trophy evolution at 350 kill does appear to still be bugged.  If you are at 350 skill exactly, you probably won't be able to evolve your trophy further then where it is now.  Please be aware I don't recommend this, as its far easier to evolve your trophies at lower skill levels but if you already maxed out to 350 and your trophies weren't done, you won't be able to finish until the fix gets patched live.

Also as a side note, today I built a "Tradeskill News section" for the website to contain the most recent applicable tradeskill information to your post 300 EverQuest tradeskill journey!  Enjoy!



0 #1 Adetia Swiftscale 2017-05-23 17:11
Updated! Turns out the fix for 350 trophy evolution is not in yet after all - hoping for June!

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