Getting Started with Tradeskills

The focus of this site will be on honing your existing tradeskills in EverQuest, and the journey from 300 in traditional tradeskills to 350. With the launch of EoK, tradeskills entered a new phase of crafting, one where recipe mastery became a critical component for the most avid and passionate of tradeskillers!

For skilling up from 1 to 300 for traditional tradeskills or for 1 to 200 for fishing, I recommend familiarzing yourself with EQ Traders or the Ultimate EQ Tradeskill Guide (even though it was written some time ago, its still a valuable resource).

Once you are ready to undertake the massive project of pushing your skills to 350 (and therefore boosting your Artizan's Prize), you will want to organize yourself as much as possible. I will be providing a series of checklists that will assist you in determining what you know, what you are missing, and how to get from 300->350. I will be supplementing this information over time with a "shopping list" and other information I think would be helpful.

Tradeskill News and Updates

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How to get Started? This post assumes you have...
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Let's Get to Work!

Know Before You Go: Gather your Tradeskill books
Go Fish!: Path to 250 Fishing
Bottoms Up: Path to 350 Brewing
Pew Pew!: Path to 350 Fletching
Put a Ring on it!: Path to 350 Jewelry Making
Throw a Pot: Path to 350 Pottery
No fancy earring aug yet? Better get cracking!

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