Haven't done your Prerequisites? Be sure to do those first!

Step 1: The Artisan's Wares:

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for The Artisan's Wares

You may find it easiest to download Goodurden's map pack included in the link above.  After using them for a couple days, I ended up going back to my own personal maps, but as a temporary measure, they do have the groundspawns marked.  If you don't have any attachment to your maps or know how to put them back, absolutely check his map packs out.

General Hints:

Halas:  Do this one last - that way you are already where you need to be to talk to Lebounde.

Icewell Keep:  If you use the zoneline that is "down below" in the tunnel going from Thurgadin into Icewell instead of going to the back of Thurgadin you will zone in in the tunnels and just head west.

Highpass Hold:  once in the right room, hop up on the boxes and look DOWN into the vase, its inside.   Also, while you are in the area, head over to Highhold Keep and grab that piece also.

Plane of Innovation:  If you own a Quintessence of elements (time flag), then you're gtg, just grab it from the bank before going to innovation - it has to be on you.  If you dont have one, ask in guild chat for someone who does to let you in.  Go left after zoning in, take first right into the building, then go east into the side room and say "yes" to Chronographer Muon.  He will port you up to the time projection area - NOTE: As you walk by lorekeeper avoid walking too closely to the large machine in the middle of the room unless you want to end up in plane of time!  The oil is in the west cubby, tucked in the side.

Permafrost:  Save those permafrost crystals!!  Either keep for your own seals or stockpile on a mule, you'll need them later.

Tirranun's Delve:  Save Jungle pineapples!!  When you get to the proper room, look on the floor BEHIND the middle stove/forge thing.

Step 2: Talk to Lebounde and get your new Quests:

After you've turned in your items and received the Artisan's Ware achievement, if you say "work" to Lebounde, he will offer you somewhere between 1 and 13 quests.

Take the Artizan's prize quest, and if you wish, any of the others.   If you haven't done your prerequisites, you'll need to do them now.  

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for the Artisan's Prize

From here you have options.

You can: 

  1. Camp up the parts (its a ton of stuff!) and make all of your own seals, but you'll need a trophy for every skill to get the quest.
  2. Check with your guild leadership, officers or guildmates to see if anyone has seals parts tucked away or pre-made for you to use.
  3. Check the bazaar for premade seals.  

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