Happy Holidays from Township Rebellion!!
The new expansion, Underfoot, has been good to TR out of the gate... Bringing home the first two serverwide firsts for Luclin, Fippy's Revenge and The Unburrowing fell promptly to Township Rebellion.



Dissatisfied with your current guild?? Looking for something more? Eager to find a home with a guild that has a longstanding track record of excellence that has also stood the test of time?



TR Recruitment is open!!
We are currently seeking the following classes (and we're always looking for exceptional candidates regardless of class):
Bard, Berserker, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard
Please refer to our application boards for additional information or contact Adetia or Ormus in game.



A "little" something funny for the guildies...




If you squinted and looked close at the picture on the right side, you'd see:





note from adetia: (Feb, 2017):  Sadly, the images for this post were lost in our many server changes.

 Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Rachael!!


While I am still adamantly, fundamentally opposed to the hard raids, we pushed through the other night until 2:30am (!) to clear the Hard Tower raids first on the server, earning our Temporal Lord titles.



All in all, things have been rolling pretty smoothly lately over here in TR, and with our ROP system fully implemented and up to date, its like a big relief!  Brief site interruption today due to updated DNS changes for the implementation of security for the rop system.  

By the way, TR members -- please go into your profile, then click user, and edit your time zone!  Thanks!


I doubt there are many guilds out there that are impacted by the Space Shuttle schedule.  So, finally, after so many delays with the shuttle launch this past week, NASA finally gave us our proper due.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and LIFTOFF! Liftoff of shuttle Endeavour and its construction crew on a mission to finish building Japan's Kibo science facility at the International Space Station and TR worldwide fame!




In other news, the ROP System is coming along quite nicely... items, events and raids are underway and standings as of this posting are current as of May 19th.  (Thats a big jump from yesterday!)  New additions to the Rop System include the Recent Event listing, and a more functional Eval List.  We are still concentrating on function over beauty, and most of the work done right now is on the back-end which is getting stronger every day and more easy to use.(Thanks Iakovos!)

We've also added additional avatars for the forums, a calendar with cross-linked posts for upcomign TR events and days off, birthdays and the like, some additional header images up top (thanks Mystic), and a variety of other things like additional videos.

Welcome home, shortie! :)



Maintenance is Almost Complete!

If you can see this message, this means you are now on our fully upgraded site, making way for our rop system to go live.  (Its not ready yet but will be very soon.)

We are waiting on a DNS update, at which point all the links to forums, etc, etc, will start working on their own as will the double login... Thanks for your patience.




There may be a brief hiccup with the site in the next 48 hours or so, as we will be changing our hosting package.

Anything posted on the forums from here until the changes are done will be lost, just as an fyi.


Recruitment is open for the following classes:

* 1 beastlord
* 1 bard
* 2 enchanter
* 1 necromancer
* 1 shaman
* 1 wizard

Requirements for enchanter and shaman applicants may be relaxed for the right person...please contact Adetia in game.