Well, my "very soon update" ended up taking a little longer then expected... life just has been busy as always.  While we actually got the Trial of Deconstruction kill later on that night the day of the merger, I yet again took a little extra time to announce it here!  Since then we've been busy, putting Cunning Plan down as well.

Once again, our halfling director Ormus Spielberg has been busy once again toiling away at restoring our movie reels... and has just relased our *cough* 2009 video!!  You can view it, and of course, his favorite Halfling movie from our video page (which we've recently updated to include a more robust library), or this convenient link:

We had a funny thing happen during Comic Con -- when some "anonymous supreme being" decided to make a sneak attack visit during the Block Party and hurt the Guardians of Arthicrex's feelings by being in a place where mushrooms shouldn't be spawning.  In the resulting aftermath, we got all fired up like a fleet of pissed off china dolls.

Our current recruiting needs are:  cleric, enchanter, magician, necromancer, and shaman...  however, we are always looking for exceptionally talented candidates in any class!  We raid from 7:30pm est to midnight, 6 days a week (no fridays), so if this fits in with your lifestyle and you are looking for a change, don't miss the opportunity to talk to Adetia, Ormus or Ironlung about our current roster openings. Please refer to our application boards for additional information.