Recruitment is open for the following classes:

* 1 beastlord
* 1 bard
* 2 enchanter
* 1 necromancer
* 1 shaman
* 1 wizard

Requirements for enchanter and shaman applicants may be relaxed for the right person...please contact Adetia in game.

Hello everyone!

Whats new with the site?

#1:  Removed post count crap on forums... 

#2:  Changed the way additional groups are viewed on forum profiles, which eventually will be replaced with custom images. See Chloris's profile for an example.

#3:  Added a pet gallery by request, and since you won't ever see pics of me, I tossed in a couple of my little creatures.

#4:  Added a video section, where all of our videos will eventually be housed as the hotel's internet allows me to finish uploading them.

#5:  The logo on the forums now properly redirects to the main TR site.

#6:  Added more avatars.

We're hoping to have at least a preview of the upcoming ROP system in a couple days... hang in there. :)


Over the years we've been lucky enough to have some talented folks create a number of videos of TR in action. 

Here are some of them for you to enjoy!






      Township Rebellion 2009 Movie by Ormus                 Township Rebellion 2008 Movie by Ormus  




              Township Rebellion 2007 Movie by Ormus                 Township Rebellion 2006 Movie by Ormus        




           Township Rebellion Halfling circa 2006             Township Rebellion 2005 Movie by Ormus       

by Ormus                                                                                              

Old TR Time Movie circa 200X by Ciner

Today's changes:

1. Added Navigational buttons at the top of the page for various sections of the site.  Roster and ROP are not functional yet.

2.  For those of you who prefer "inline" Forum viewing, have removed the menus. You'll still have the navigational buttons up top.

Few small fixes went in this morning:

1. Registered users can now upload pictures directly to any photo album.  Choose the proper one in the drop down box for category.  

2. Evals and Guests on the Forums can now enter additional profile information such as a signature.

3. After Guild members have sent 5 personal messages on the forums, you will no longer be required to enter a "captcha" or security code in the personal messaging system.

4. The "TR Forums" link no longer kicks out an extra window since we have a separate link for that.  I've also adjusted the height wrapper so that it should display a bit more smoothly for those who prefer it this way.

5.  Added a few more packs of avatars for the boards.

6. Added a Tattoo gallery by request... /boggle!  Crazy people have at it!

Happy surfing!

We have a gallery!

From the left menu (that's this way <--------   ), choose TR Gallery.  From there you will see a variety of photo albums available to which you can upload photos.  All photos require administrator approval, so will not immediately be viewable.

To add a photo, click User Panel, and New Picture, and from there fill out the boxes for appropriate category etc.  In addition to our old categories, I have also added an album for the purpose of storing signatures files and magelo backgrounds.  If you'd like to request another type of photo album, or I've forgotten something that we used to have, just let me know.

If you are posting a "Real life" picture and wish to add your nametag, once published, if you go into the detail view of your photo, you can use the Nametag button below the photo to drag your nametag to yourself and click "Save your nametag".  

Please keep in mind that like our old gallery, everything posted here is viewable by the entire world, so if you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it, you may not want to post it!


P.S. To see how the nametags work -- Sobewiz posted a few Fanfaire pictures from August '06.  If you are in them, you can go put your nametag on you so that everyone knows who you are -- if you want!! :)

Greetings Rebels and Guests!

Feel free to use the login box to your left, and set yourself up with an account.  This is a dual account that will also log you into our new forums as well.  Please make sure to use your EQ Toon name as your display name and Name. This way we don't have to chase down who is who!