Hello TR

25 Jul 2010 13:53 #104295 by Chantzir Ccer
Chantzir Ccer created the topic: Hello TR
Hey guys.. finally decided to just make a new account since I never could get my old one working. Anyways I see you all are still kicking ass and taking names. Really I am not that surprised because TR is the best guild I have ever been in to this day. That is saying a lot since I have played endgame in Eq 2, Vanguard, WoW, Warhammer Online,WoW again, Aion, WoW once again and now I am thinking about trying out EQ 2 again. The only thing I regret about quitting EQ was leaving such a wonderful guild and I have tried coming back a couple times with no luck tho I know one day I will have to come back and level up to the level cap at least. Anyways I am not much for forums and I hope that will explain my lack of posts here. I just wanted to let everyone that might remember me know how I felt. Sorry I am such a mmo whore and I wish I could of spent more time with you guys but I will never forget the times we had however short they may have been. With that said.... Keep kicking ass and taking those names down. I know TR will be around till EQ shuts down the servers for good(if they ever do).


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