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03 Mar 2010 16:40 #102382 by mulleg
mulleg created the topic: movie quotes!
so for one of my classes the extra credit at the end of the term is going to be a movie quote. She isnt telling us what movie, but she may have eluded to it being from a funny movie, its 26 characters long (comma's count as a character for this) and we are given 1 character a day at the end of class. I figured out the first two words, i think, but I was wondering if any movie buffs wanna take a stab at it, ill try and post what i have so far below in an easy to understand way....
O B V _ O U S L Y , Y _ U ' R E _ O T A _ _ L F E R

so its pretty clear it starts with "obviously youre" but the rest i cant figure out and im not exactly a movie buff, ill try and post more letters as i get them (getting 1 more letter in about 2 hours) but shoot me a tell on viggun or mulleg if any of this doesnt make sense or you figured it out!

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03 Mar 2010 17:13 #102383 by Torstens
Torstens replied the topic: Re: movie quotes!
"Obviously you're not a golfer"  Quote by "The Dude" in the big lebowski.  He said it to the nihilists after they came and pissed on his rug while they were wondering what a bowling ball was.

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