Well, as always we're a bit late with the frontpage update, but that's something that will hopefully change soon, as Im taking the job of assistant TR news reporter!  My name's Iggy and I've been the resident SK here in TR for the last several years.  Whether its tanking, kiting, dps'ing, or screaming at our tanks in chat, I do it all here!  I'll try my best to keep our front page from getting dustier than Ormus's bootlocker in Afghanistan~

Now that we've got that settled, its time to dive into the new expansion! Veil of Alaris launched on the 15th and we wasted little time, dropping the starting raid in Argath on the first night!  This raid puts you up against the largest golem known to Norrath.  A few arrows to the face from some giant balistas, a couple of floating matchbox cars underneath his feet, and this golem slipped up and dropped his guard.  He called in some reinforcements and giant turd mounds to AE us, but in the end he dropped quickly, left us 4 armor drops, and whole slew of loot.  

Up next for us was tier 2... Sarith.  We got jumped by the Armies of Sarith and the Hadal, but it was nothing our trusty SKs couldn't handle.  Our warriors got some practice providing underwater CPR to some oversized Jaws replicas, and some much needed practice with their harpoon guns, and then we made our way to the giant shell.  While I was hoping to find my hermit crab I lost in the 4th Grade, I was sadly disappointed to realize that not only is Hermy gone... so was any challenge in this final encounter.  We smashed the High Priest, his hadal cronies, and his cheap tidal clone buddy.  Again, we were rewarded with 4 armor drops, and a pinata of loots.


Finally in this tier we met up with our old pals Rallos & Sol Ro.  We were sad to hear that they couldn't get past the 2nd level of GeoDefense on their iPhones, and needed our help.  Luckily we decimate at that game, and setup some archers to ARRRRROOOOOOOWWWWZZZZ the hell outa their intruders.  Adetia called in some heavy hitters from the bronx, and tore through the Heralds shield and his face in seconds.  Rallos & Sol Ro were so happy they hooked us up with some prizes for our troubles!

So thats pretty much been it so far in VoA.  We've been farming these raids and maxing out our Trapper Keeper 5000s until we reach T3... see ya then...