An Ode to Honeybaked Ham

(But first, a note about RECRUITMENT! That's right ladies and gentlemen, TR is open for recruiting in a few select classes! Check out the note at the bottom of this update for more information!)

That's right everyone.  Let me clue you in on one of life's little secrets if you didn't already know.  Ham is amazing.  Ham gives us things like bacon.  Bacon is the only food you can wrap around other food to make it better and its universally acceptable.  Wanna know what else, Ham wins raids.  Its the prime motivating factor when it comes to dominating T3 raids.  So there ya go all you up and coming guilds, we're letting out the secret... Offer up ham before you start, and you're sure to roll through T3.   

If you can't make that out, thank Oloring and his horrible screenshot which was sent from his "cell phone" (which I actually believe to be one of those backpack style ones from the 80's).  Its a shot of Mulleg offering the following, "I will personally send a whole ham to each person in raid if we win this next run" & following it with "NO LIES WERE TOLD IN THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE".  
So lets start here, with what proves to be the raid that will make you hate that lazy person in your guild just a LITTLE bit more... Resplendent Temple.  This smash-your-face-into-a-brick-wall raid treats you with such fun mechanics as required debuffs from NPC's who don't always decide to cast them, suicide jumping, stone humping, and you even get to pass around your prized pr0n collection with your friends!  All this while balancing mob splits, hoping people port to the correct sides, more poop blobs that ae the hell outa you, and dealing with hard hitting but low hp adds!  Did I mention a missed command in any of this resets the mob to full hp!? If you think figuring out a way to blind yourself with the laser from your optical mouse is more enjoyable, you'd be absolutely right... but you'd also be ham-less, and that my friend is something we are not!  As you can see from above, Mulleg gave us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Before we went hog wild all over Resplendent Temple, there was Rubak Oseka, Time & Tides. High Priest Xalziks and his crew of High Priest buddies were apparently smuggling the largest pearl known to Norrath, and had to be dealt with. This is another one of those raids with a multitude of parts to figure out, as you have 6 main mobs to deal with, all with multiple abilities.  Add in 2 more add types to deal with, a non-aggro add that respawns the main mobs, and a whirlwind that sucks in your whole raid and well, you get the picture! After dealing with horrible dodges, botched runs, failed click sequences, disappearing Xalziks, and just about every other way to lose this raid, we finally put on our big boy pants and smashed this raid with a near perfect run.  Big ups to everyone who was there for our first win as it was an awesome thing to witness =)



Finally in T3, we had the King of the Beasts.  Much like our friends over in RoI, I also immediately thought I was stepping into a scene from Avatar when I entered Beast's Domain.  That said, I'm ok with the bright colors and blatant ripoff, and I'm also ok with the general cakewalk given to you by SoE in preparation for the surprise prison sex they launch on you in Rubak & RT.  This is a nice general introduction to T3, and gives you a little bit more challenge than T1/T2 raids.  We one rounded this sucker on the first attempt, and I'd expect most guilds will smash through this one with relative ease~



I've gotta say, as a person who's been raiding high end since kunark, its been awhile since winning a raid has gotten you that exciting feeling of accomplishment.  Most raids the past few expansions have been quite cookie cutter or dps tank & spank style, so it was nice to see raids like RT & Rubak that actually took skill and attention to win.  Now that T3 is cleared, we're just farming away again.  Our Trapper Keeper 5000s will soon be powerful enough to unlock T4, but until then I'll be sitting back waiting on my spiral cut honeybaked ham...  Get to work Mulleg.

RECRUITMENT!!!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, TR is open for recruiting in a few select classes!  If you're looking to join the top guild on Luclin, and one of the top serverwide guilds for the last NINE expansions, then you've found your home.  We're currently looking for exceptional players in the Bard, Beastlord, Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Enchanter classes.  We look for all potential apps to be level 95, 2500+ AA, high playtime, and have a willingness to learn and adapt.  We currently raid from 7:30pm EST to around 12:00am EST on days as lockouts permit, however we'll be back to our normal Sat-Thurs schedule with Fridays as our off day as we soon unlock T4.  For more information, please check out our application forum or contact Adetia or Ormus in game.  Now is the time!