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Written by Krink

Ok I know I promised you guys an update with Bixie and Dead Hills pictures like a month ago and I haven’t done that! So here you are! Thank you to Bidaum for the nice pictures and here is the proof of our wins! So now onto what’s new with Township Rebellion . It’s a quiet time for the guild farming like we live in the bread basket of America, we have been clearing Cotf-RoF T3 on a weekly basis! On top of this we have been sprinkling in T2 RoF so that we can get our chase items that go for a whopping 840 coins! Adetia promised that we would do 84 T2 raids so that everyone could get one! Currently we sit at 25 raids done and I can't tell you how excited some of us are to put T2 behind us but it will be worth it! As we move into the holiday season we aren’t up to much other than continual farming and trying to convince Ormus that the Christmas picture doesn’t need to be taken in his gnome torture house! If gnome torture is your thing well stop by Elm Colonial Estates, 105 Terminus Street and check it out, I would advise if you are a gnome don’t go near you may end up the next display.In other news it sounds like froglok monks will be coming into existence at the launch of the anniversary festivities this year. I will be starting a petition to have Adetia turned into a Froglok if you would like to join in on this just drop me a tell at Luclin.Krink.