Written by Krink

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Call of the Forsaken has been announced to launch on October 8th and Township Rebellion is in full farm mode but eagerly awaiting the new content to be ready for slaying. As our family is finishing up the remnants of Rain of Fear that have slipped through the cracks, or in some cases been procrastinated until the end. We look forward to what is the best part of an expansion in many eyes, The Race. The initial push that starts with groups unlocking the raids hopefully this time we won’t have to rely on Ormus's short legs sprinting up the ramp as the last seconds tick down before a zone repop to complete a mission. Though moments like this can be stressful they are part of what makes an expansion launch fun, there is always an unexpected turn or two which down the road will bring a smile to our faces. Once our day long adventure ends with the raids open and ready, comes a short lull as our members filter into the guild hall and stand ready for the call to move out. The real fun will have arrived! I for one am totally ready for the next chapter. Are you?


Below are some fun pictures of our TR family to get you through until the launch!