Hey folks, in response to many inquiries, we wanted to reassure you that all of your characters and items are safe and awaiting your return. We continue to work on the issues as fast as we can, but unfortunately the servers will not come up today. Thank you for your continued patience; we expect to be back up very soon.

This update was posted around 7pm PST, Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 on the Everquest Facebook page.


These updates that are coming out almost at the end of the day crack me up.  Thats two days now (out of 2) that they seem to think telling us just a couple hours, literally, before the end of the day that the servers won't be up, as if it is some major revelation.  I mean really, I'd rather they announce it mid-afternoon with a most likely or whatever, and be wrong, then wait til 10pm EST to let us know what we have already figured out.