as you go into the world, know that we are proud.  we are thankful for men like you.  we will remember you while we are apart, and do all we can to ease the distance.   know that you have our full support.  know that we will undoubtedly miss you.

we are behind you, every step of the way; when you are lacing up your boots, and when you end the day and rest your head.  where you go, we go too; in spirit and in heart, lifting you up in our prayers, in our thoughts.

know that we are waiting, with smiling faces and open arms, for you to  return safely to us.  just think of all the short jokes we'll be able to dream up in six months, and how you won't be able to help but smile as you groan when you hear them :)

we'll keep your little chair warm and the home fires burning.
wing your way across the world safe, brave, and strong!