The most recently released expansion for EverQuest, The Torment of Velious featured something new this time around - staggered raid launches to avoid holiday raids over Christmas.  Tier One finally opened up Friday, January 17th, and we were there to smash it down!   Some pictures for your amusement!  For Tier One, we had three server first finishes, two 6th serverwide placements and one top 10 finish for an overall placement of 7th for Tier 1.  Not a bad way to fire up the ole' engines!

A whopping 10 guilds cleared Tier 1 on day one, and more are expected over the weekened as raids hit their normal schedules.  Enjoy some pictoral storytelling... and a peek into the first three raids of Torment of Velious:  Griklor the Restless, Servant of the Sleeper, and Restless Assault which is a modernized, "reinvention" of the Ring War for those who remember it from the original Velious days, which unfortunately isn't a "ring war" anymore in that there is no ring. ;)

Calling all Shaman!  Do you like fast and furious loud walks in a crowded room while looking out for your adventuring party and helping them be their best version of themselves?  Have a penchant for buffing, dotting, and casting like a fiend... calling forth damage like no other?  If you are passionate about the shaman class, we're looking for you!  Find out more here, or send a tell in game to luclin.adetia or luclin.drizerker.  Will also consider high-playtime bards, fabled beastlords, or a high dps necromancer.