Township Rebellion is looking for exceptional players in the shaman class (or clerics/mages) with high playtime.  We currently maintain a formal schedule of Sunday through Thursday, but during farm time we average 3 raid nights a week (generally Sunday to Tuesday).  If you are interested in joining a top tier raid guild, we strive to be the final home you may ever need to seek in EQ.  TR has consistently been among the first guilds to finish content since Planes of Power, so we are not just a flash in the pan -- we have been there, done that and look forward to doing it a for a long time to come. If you are interested contact Adetia or Ormus via tell, email, or on our boards.

We are specifically looking for level 100 players who have the ability to raid Sunday through Tuesday with occasional Weds/Thursdays who are eager to let their light shine in a guild that is hungry for talented shaman who can provide dps support and solid healing.  If you are interested, our application form can be found here.