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    Sobewiz (Anthony), and Aaryanna (Adam).
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    Adamma and Aaryanna, in game.
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    Aaryanna (Adam) and Adamma(Mara), in real life.
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    Aaryanna (Adam), Adamma (Mara), and Shadoz(?) at Fanfaire.
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Aaryanna, aka Adam Justin (AJ) Carroll, 1980 to 2013.

Aj was raised in Ringgold Georgia and graduated from Ringgold High in 1998. After graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps where he served our country for the next couple years and became a 4th award expert rifleman.  He was an avid gamer, loved watching movies, zoning out listening to music while driving around, attending concerts, shooting his guns and hiking around in the outdoors when he could.  His strength and determination was undeniable, as were his profound, unmatched skills he possessed in his gaming life. A true force to be reckoned with; He was a beloved son and friend to those he was closest with.

In EverQuest, Aaryanna, AJ's alter ego, was an enchanter who was known for running around as a violet sporali and was sometimes seen running around on his bard, Felixx.  He originally applied to Township Rebellion in 2004, following his time in Enlightened Dark on Tarew Marr.  As an enchanter, Aaryanna was virtually unparalleled in ability, whether it was hordes of wolves in demiplane, the entire tower of trash in convorteum, or just about anything else we threw at him. He was known for his rough and tumble manner and his ruthless demeanor if he felt someone crossed him. However, those he was close to, he was the sort to move mountains for despite his tough exterior.

Rest well and peacefully, rebel, you will be remembered fondly as a fierce competitor and loyal friend.