We have a gallery!

From the left menu (that's this way <--------   ), choose TR Gallery.  From there you will see a variety of photo albums available to which you can upload photos.  All photos require administrator approval, so will not immediately be viewable.

To add a photo, click User Panel, and New Picture, and from there fill out the boxes for appropriate category etc.  In addition to our old categories, I have also added an album for the purpose of storing signatures files and magelo backgrounds.  If you'd like to request another type of photo album, or I've forgotten something that we used to have, just let me know.

If you are posting a "Real life" picture and wish to add your nametag, once published, if you go into the detail view of your photo, you can use the Nametag button below the photo to drag your nametag to yourself and click "Save your nametag".  

Please keep in mind that like our old gallery, everything posted here is viewable by the entire world, so if you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it, you may not want to post it!


P.S. To see how the nametags work -- Sobewiz posted a few Fanfaire pictures from August '06.  If you are in them, you can go put your nametag on you so that everyone knows who you are -- if you want!! :)