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12 Oct 2021 18:41 #128019 by adetia
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I am entrusting each member of our guild, by turning you in as part of the Township Rebellion roster on the beta server to be on your best behaviour during the beta period. This means:

1. You will be exposed and expected to interact with folks from other servers and guilds. Please represent TR in the way that you would represent your employer or family. If its something you wouldn't say to your grandmother, then I don't want to hear you saying it in beta, whether its an off color remark in ooc or being antagonistic with other guilds. You are an ambassador of and for TR. Please act accordingly. Even when, and especially when other people are acting like fools.

2. I do not expect anyone to kiss the dev's butts, since I won't do that either, however, I do expect common courtesy and respectful behaviour during raid testing. If you wouldn't say it to me, please don't say it to them. They will be slow, late, disorganized, distracted and every other possible frustrating thing, but, we have a longstanding history of being excellent beta testers, and its something we take seriously. As such we are always amongst the first to be requested to participate.

3. Do not pester the developers for summons, DZ ADD, raid add, leveling, AA, disc resets, gear, etc. If you have a request, ask Kilzadi or myself. We can often handle your requests much faster and efficiently then they can, and if we need to get a dev to take care of these things, we can request for everyone that needs something at once rather then 30 individual tells which the dev find bothersome.

4. These beta boards will be loaded with excellent information that many folks will have worked on to provide us as a guild. INFORMATION ON THIS BOARD IS FOR OUR USAGE ONLY. DO NOT COPY, EMAIL, SHARE, ETC. If you are found to have spread information outside the guild you will be ejected from beta and the guild no questions asked.

5. Participation in raid testing on beta will be similar to our raids on live in that you will be awarded and receive DKP credit. More importantly, time spent on beta during raid testing often gleans insights that are nearly impossible to find out alone on live. It also significantly reduces the learning curve period on live, and honestly, everyone should consider raid testing to essentially be a jumpstart on next expansion's progression where we can learn the raids faster, with less expense to our xp bars, and get our strategies formulated and working. the stronger attendance and performance we put forth on beta means an easier time on live.

6. Everyone is expected to attend beta raids. For us to maintain our priority invitation status, we must continue to post good showings on beta, with good solid turnout, attendance, attention and behaviour. Its an incredible opportunity to help mold the state of the game, and one we want to be a part of.

7. Have a good time!

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